Summer CA Swingers Parties

May 11th, 2011
by CA Swingers

Summer is here and it is the perfect time for all of us CA Swingers just about anywhere in California. We went to 2 of our favorite CA Swingers clubs over the last 2 weekends and we love this time of year! All of the sexiest outfits come out, and we may be imagining it, but their seem to be A LOT more Single Bi women at the swingers clubs than there used to be. This is a VERY good thing for California Swingers Clubs and for all CA Swingers.  There are also some great semi public, and totally private swingers beach parties going on along up and down the coast if you know where to look!

Bi Girls making out on the beach

We were talking to some of our long time lifestyle friends about all of the Single bi females and how active and sexual they were at the clubs, and we all kind of agreed that we can’t call single bi girls “Unicorns” anymore. Beautiful single women who were looking to play with couples used to be considered “rare mythical creatures like unicorns” NOT TRUE anymore! We are not sure if this is happening around the country, but at the CA swingers parties that we are attending and that are advertised on our favorite CA Swingers Site, there are more sexy, playful, sexual single women than ever! We love being Swingers in california!

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  1. Swingers Stories Says:

    Swingers Porn…

    I saw this really great post today….

  2. Summer cruisin Says:

    The heading of this post – Summer CA Swingers Parties – CA Swingers Clubs | Ca Swingers – caught my eye, so I came by to check it out. Glad I did. FYI – I also shared this page – – on StumbleUpon so others can find it too.

  3. Salvatore Says:

    I really don’t think that open marriages would work because jealousy always comes into play. I admit that I am somewhat intrigued by the swingers lifestyle, but I am not sure that it could work for me. Can you really be ok watching another man with your wife? Would she want to watch me with another woman? Still… I am curious!

  4. Downtown local girl Says:

    Downtown local couple who loves to have fun with sexy couples! We are looking to swing with couples or singles females – 40yr’s and under We are a married couple looking for fri… and we will return the favor and then if interested we can make arrangements to meet for drinks and Find us on Kasidie! dwntwncpl

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